Expand Your Import Sales with U.S. Seafood Products

Food Export–Northeast Offers a Variety of Services to Help Seafood Importers Boost Their Sales of U.S. Seafood Products

Seafood Importer Resources

Learn about Northeast U.S. Seafood

Seafood from the Northeast United States has a decades-long reputation for superior freshness, consistent quality, deliciousness, food safety, and sustainability. Visit our Seafood Buyers Guide to learn more about products from our region.

For more information on Northeast U.S. seafood products and to connect to our In-Market Representative that covers your country, email info@foodexport.org.

Connect with U.S. Seafood Suppliers

Are you interested in a specific Northeast U.S. fish or shellfish product?绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发 Please complete our绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发Trade Lead Form绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发to get started.绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发

For assistance with trade leads, email tradeleads@foodexport.org.绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发

You can also meet with Northeast U.S. seafood suppliers and/or representatives from Food Export USA-Northeast at the upcoming Global Seafood events listed below.

Resources to Grow Sales of U.S. Products

Product Promotion Support: We support a variety of activities to promote Northeast U.S. fish and shellfish products in foreign markets. These include chef education, culinary demonstrations, and retail and foodservice promotions.绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发Watch our videos绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发to learn more.绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发


Market Promotion Reimbursement: 绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发We can support the promotion of U.S. seafood products in your market through our cost-share Branded Program.绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发 To participate, your U.S. supplier must apply and be approved.绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发Eligible expenses incurred on behalf of your U.S. supplier include advertising and online marketing, trade shows, in-store/foodservice promotions, and more.绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发绝地求生竞猜皮肤好久发


Download our Branded Program Importer Manual below to learn more. (Choose appropriate language from drop-down menu.)

Branded Program Importer Guide