Journey to new markets to expand product sales

Total Market Immersion for Your Product and Brand

dota2各英雄技能介绍_刀塔冬季赛免费外围压注app平台|DOTA2国内比分预测 can save valuable time and resources by maximizing contact with prospective distributors and sales representatives.

Learn about your product’s export potential by traveling to international markets and meeting with key interested importers. There’s no better way to understand the local food industry landscape, assess the competition, and learn about the potential promotion of your products.

dota2各英雄技能介绍_刀塔冬季赛免费外围压注app平台|DOTA2国内比分预测 bring you to a country to meet with international buyers and learn about the market. Each mission includes:

  • One-on-one guaranteed meetings with qualified buyers
  • Market analysis of your product prior to visit and in-market briefing
  • Tours of local supermarkets and food service providers
  • Product showcase and networking reception
  • Local language assistance and assistance with buyer follow-up

Participating in dota2各英雄技能介绍_刀塔冬季赛免费外围压注app平台|DOTA2国内比分预测 leverages new trade leads, creates distribution opportunities, and boosts your international sales while also building new relationships with other mission participants.

Meeting Foreign Buyers